Why we Revamped

We have a lot of old and new customers who did not know we've revamped our brand. We understand that not everyone will open their email or view our social media pages because let's be honest, we all have a life to live and miss things.


Why Did We Revamp?

The professional reason: We wanted to give our customers the full experience of a luxury brand and not a partial one. From our shipping packages to our candle packages, we want you to have a luxurious experience that you so much deserve when purchasing our candles. 


The raw reason: I made a mistake when it came to pricing our candles. When I started my business, I was honestly afraid that no one would support me as a new black owned business (and so many other factors) that I cut the prices all the way down to wholesale prices (ouch!). I was actually losing money instead of making money. How dumb right? I had to make a big decision, choose faith or fear. After a long period of battling with fear and anxiety, I chose faith. Those who love our products will stick around. Those who can't afford our products, I understand. But now Ivory Raine can actually thrive and grow! We are no longer selling quality for pennies and it feels awesome!

Now, the professional reason is still valid! My dream was always to become a luxury brand because I personally love quality products. You can most definitely tell the difference in a candle from a big name store versus a candle from a small business. A lot of big name companies carry very harmful chemicals in their candles. If it's cheap and it smells good, then who cares about the ingredients, right? Wrong! That's what separates Ivory Raine from big name stores. We refuse to sell our customers toxin filled candles that are literally indoor chemtrails. You all deserve high quality ingredients that aren't secretly killing you and that's what we're about. Faith, luxury, and chemical free candles.


Why Did We Downsize Our Candles?

There is currently a nationwide shortage of coconut soy wax. Remember how it was at the beginning of COVID when all the toilet paper was gone? Same scenario! Due to this shortage, we had to make a decision. Either restock with less big candles and long restock delays or restock with plenty of 8oz candles. We chose the 8oz route because it requires much less wax than our large candles. 

Hopefully things will go back to normal. But in the meantime in between time, we're sticking with our 8oz jars. 



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