Wick Trimmer

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Take your candle care to a whole new level with our matte black stainless steel wick trimmer. No more removing the burnt ash with your fingers because our wick trimmer makes trimming your wooden wicks so much easier! Wick trimmers are the secret to making your candles last longer. It also helps reduce soot, smoking, and too high/low flames due to not trimming your wick. 

Wick Trimming Facts: 

  1. Use your wick trimmers just like scissors.
  2. Remove only the burnt ash part of the wick. If you remove more than this your wick may be too low. This will cause a very low flame or none at all. 
  3. The wick should be 1/8" above the wax. 
  4. Always trim your wick before relighting your candle.

Size: 7" Long 

Weight: 3 oz