Are you new to owning a wood wick candle? Sometimes they can be a little tricky to burn. Especially if you're used to cotton wicks. Here are some tips to get the most out of your heavenly scented candle: 



    The first burn of your wood wick candle is very important. In order for your candle to perform at its best, allow the candle to burn until the melted wax reaches the edge of the container. Failing to do so will cause your candle to tunnel, making it difficult for the wax around the wick to fully melt. Tunneling is the reason your candle will struggle to stay lit because the wick cannot breathe.

    Did you know that candles have a memory? Yep! The way you burn your candle the first time determines how it will burn during its lifespan. Let's say it's your first time lighting your wood wick candle. You realize you have somewhere to be so you blow your candle out after burning it for 30 minutes. The next day you light your candle and realize it's not burning to the edge. Why? Because your candle remembers how far it was allowed to burn the last time, causing it to tunnel.

    It can take your candle as long as 2-3 hours to form a full melt pool, so make sure your schedule is cleared before lighting that candle!

    If you find that you can't commit to 2-3 hours and you're experiencing tunneling, this can be difficult to fully fix, but you can try these tricks:

    • Scrape out the tunneled wax with a spoon until the wax is even with the surface of the wick.
    • If the wick is able to stay lit and the tunnel isn’t too deep, let it burn for 4-8 hours for it to fully burn all the tunneled wax down. Flame height may dwindle but continue to let it burn.
    • If the candle won’t stay lit, you can use a paper towel to soak up excess melted wax to allow more room for the wick to breathe. 
    • You can always put your candle on a candle warmer.



    It is possible to burn your candle for too long. Our recommended burn time is 4 hours max (on a non tunneling candle). If you burn your candle longer than 4 hours, it can cause your candle to overheat and possibly shatter.

    Another problem is ash build up on the wick. If you notice the flame burning too low or continuously going out after a long burn, it's because of ash build up. 



    It is very important to not skip this step. Wood wicks are high maintenance in the trimming department. It loves to stay neat and trimmed before you relight it. Remember we talked about ash build up? Wood wick candles can't thrive like that.

    Make sure to keep your wick trimmed to 1/8". You can do this by using our Wick Trimmer which prevents you from cutting your wick too low or you can break off the burnt ash with your fingers. 



    I know, I know, you like to get your money's worth. But guess what? Your safety is our top priority! When you get to the end of your candle, you'll notice that it won't burn past the 1/2" of wax left in the jar. We've taken these measures to keep you safe from heat damage on your beautiful surfaces, as well as keeping the candle from shattering from the flame being too close to the bottom of the jar. Once you reach the last 1/2" of wax, it's time for a new candle!



    A truly unique and engaging candle is created using wooden wicks. Outside of the visual aesthetic, they give off an enticing soft crackling sound. It's like having a tiny moveable fireplace in the desired area of your home or office. Our candles take self-care and relaxation to a whole new level. 

    Treat yourself to luxury with our wood wick candles because you deserve it.


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